Opening weekend The Jekt Trade museum 22. – 23. juni 2019

Saturday 22. June, we welcome everyone to the opening of our new national Jekt Trade Museum.

2019-05-0313:15 Bjørg Nilsen

The opening day of the Jekt Trade Museum is a joyous occasion that we wish to share. We have therefore arranged an out-door opening on site with free activities for young and old friends of the Jekt. The official opening is at 12 o’clock with the premiere of the Jekt Trade Museum’s own musical composition, speeches and commemoration.

Activities begin at 11 o’clock, led by Bodøsjøen Network. Here you will be able to build a little jekt, be tattooed, make a skipping rope, whittle sticks, try tying knots, learn about Pomor handwork or simply watch a real duel. There will be a hustle and bustle inside and out in the area, so this will be a proper festival. 


The commisioned work

The museums exhibition tells of an eventful journey conveying goods and impulses from south to north, from home and abroad. This jouney is the inspiration for a commisioned work of music composed by Andreas Evjen Håkestad, responsible for such classical works as «Himmellys» og «Skogen». The composition is inspired also by folk tunes, Sami music, Barokk and modern jazz tones. Our written cultural heritage is set to music and presented in new clothing, the work making associations and connections to our national museum. The commisioned work is supported by Norsk Kulturråd.

The premiere will take place in cooperation with the MIN (Music in Nordland) ensemble, Bodø Cathedral Choir and conductor Øystein Jæger. The MIN ensemble’s repertoire embraces all the traditions that inform our commissioned work and they are responsible for the musical presentation.

Bodø Cathedral Choir is a polyphonic amateur choir and a core part of the comprehensive choral and musical environment at the Cathedral, an environment that has receive acclaim both regionally and nationally.

Øystein Jæger is the conductor and artistic director of the Bodø Cathedral choir. As director for the choir and conductor at the opening ceremony, he will lead amateur and professional artists.

The Jekt Trade Museum’s opening day is a day of joy which we wish to share with all who would like to be present. The premiere performance of the museum’s own musical work will therefore take place on an outdoor stage, with free enjoyment for all our Jekt Trade friends.


Sunday 23. June

We continue the celebration by giving thanks to those who have made the realisation of the Jekt Trade Museum possible in a private ceremony from 12 to 2 o’clock. Guests will include those who have contributed to preserving the history of the jekt trade, cooperative partners, sponsors and official agencies.

The Jekt Trade museum will be open to the public at 2 o’clock. We conclude the opening weekend with St.Hans (midsummer) celebrations where Bodø Accordian Club will play from half past five  and with lighting of the bonfire at 6 o’clock. The student welfare organisation at Nord University will, as usual, sell rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge) and more that is approriate to St.Hans evening. The museum will take part in the festival and close it’s doors at 8 o’clock that evening.

The opening weekend is a cooperative effort involving the Nordland County Council, Bodø City Council and the Nordland Museum.

We welcome all and sundry to the opening weekend and to celebrate with us.