We invite everyone to visit the museum and will make arrangements as best we can. If you are travelling with a larger group, please contact us beforehand for an enjoyable and comprehensive experience.

The public building and indoor exhibitions

The entrance doors are automatic sliding doors so wheel-chair users can enter without hindrance. The exhibitions, toilets, the cafe and the shop are easily accessible on the same level.


The open air museum.

Prepared paths and gravel tracks ensure that the outdoor area is accessible for wheel-chair users. We emphasise that wheel-chair access to the historic buildings in the open air museum is limited, the buildings being quite small and having several doorstops inside. We are continually making improvements. All new buildings will have universal access.  


Personal assistants

Personal assistants with accreditation have free access.


People with sight and hearing disabilities.

We have installed a hearing loop in the service building. There are several sound installations in connection with the exhibitions. Our fixed exhibits are not specially adapted for people with sight disabilities, but we are working on a digital guided tour via the downloadable webside «». On this, the exhibition will be presented both audibly and visually on your mobile phone or pad. There are sound effects in some of the buildings in the open-air museum. 


The out-door area.

The Jekt Trade Museum’s out-door area in Bodøsjøen is a popular excursion spot for our townsfolk: an idyllic site that provides for recreation in an historic setting and a meeting place that invites activity. Here you experience the changeable weather and a magnificent view of the Børvasstind mountains together with the jekt sea-lane. There is a long history in the vicinity, including Iron-Age mounds and the Middel Age church and the sites of the priest’s farm, the jekt mooring, the county’s first hospital and prison camps from the Second World War in addition to the museums own buildings from the 18th. and 19th. Centuries.

We advise all who visit the Jekt Trade Museum to wear suitable clothes for the weather, as the museum has an open situation and walks in the area are recommended. On Vindneset, the spit nearby the museum, are a boathouse and a fishermen’s shack. Here we exhibit several of our traditional boats and you can get an idea of living conditions during the Lofoten fishery of old. From the museum you can follow a 3 km prepared coastal path, suitable also for wheel-chairs, so that you can really experience the capricious weather.